Culture Trail Sundborn

Here you can read about events in Sundborn today, but perhaps you will mostly meet a Sundborn in a historical perspective. The small village about 10 km outside of Falun, with its location at the old wicket over Sundbornsån, has a long history since the time when migrant Sami were in the area, through the mining of Falu Koppargruva, to the artists Carl and Karin Larsson, who also put Sundborn on the world map.

Today, the area around the central Sundborn offers a multi-faceted environment with a strong cultural scene documented in the project “Kulturstråk Sundborn”. Visitors and locals can learn more about the story along the cultural trail on signs and webpages, but also visit some of the places where Carl Larsson painted his famous motifs.

The “Discover Sundborns trail” is marked with a dotted line in the map below and the CL motifs are marked with orange squares. Download your own map by clicking HERE.

Karta över Sundborn

The Sundborn culture trail is a project carried out 2016-2017 by Sundborns Sockenråd and Sundborns Hembygdsförening. The project has been implemented with the help of non-profit forces, but funding has also been done by means of Comundant Development Resources (KDU funds) from the municipality of Falun.

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Sundborn map from 1702 – Photo: Lantmäteriets Historiska kartor