Carl Larsson – ”Apple harvest”, watercolour 1904

Carl Larsson writes 1905 about the 1904 apple harvest, then with his wife in the picture: ”It was already necessary, in the middle of the summer, to put supports under the branches which would have broken under the weight of all those different varieties of apples. And we’ve been eating so much apple sauce and jelly and jam, night and day, for months that we are longing for dates and bananas. Apple sauce is good in the beginning and healthy in the end. Farewell.

Carl Larsson bought the farm Spadarvet somewhat reluctantly in 1897; perhaps to use as a pantry and to have more room for his growing family and guests. The farm was run by Johan Johansson and his wife Johanna, who is holding the cow ”Blomma” in the painting “On the farm” below.

A few years later, Erik and Hilma Kvarnberg take over the farm at Spadarvet from the Johansson family. They then live in the house, which is today called “Kvarnbergs Cottage”. Their daughter Greta marries Elfström and worked for many years as a guide at the Carl Larsson museum. Greta was telling vividly about the life of the village. Sometimes the tourists at the CL-home could meet Greta’s patch on the doorstep “Coming soon- Just fetching the Cows”.

Carl Larsson – “Apple Harvest”, watercolour 1905
Carl Larsson – “Say hello to Mr”, watercolour 1917 – Hilma Kvarnberg and hetr daughter Greta (Elfström)


The Björk family at Spadarvet in 1892, beforde CL bought the farm in 1897 – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening