The Dam

Carl Larsson – ”The rapids near Spadarvet”, oil 1893

The painting shows how the falls looked before the power station and the dam were built in 1900. Along the river there were several waterpowered mills and sawmills that were driven by the weir on the west side of the rapids. A log flume, several hundred metres in length, was constructed to facilitate the
transport of timber past the falls. The log flume continues downstream in a long arc to calmer waters.

Rafting was discontinued in 1962, but was practiced extensively before this date.

The farm Spadarvet lies to the right of the picture, east of the rapids.

The dam under construction 1900 – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening



The dam before 1900 southwards seen from the bridge – Photo: Leif Kihlström
The dam 2016 – Photo: Klas Frieberg