Carl Larsson Portrait Collection

The Carl Larsson Portrait Collection depicts villagers in the early 1900s. The collection is open during the summer and at other times by appointment – please contact the church caretaker. This self portrait is from 1916.

Here you can see a series of portraits in the parish hall, east of the church in which Carl Larsson
has immortalized a ”number of fine villagers” who were involved in the life and development of the
village in the early 1900s. It is Carl’s Larsson’s way of paying his respects to his neighbors, good friends, artisans and others.

They include Dean Pettersson, Lieutenant Colonel Linderdahl, painter Persson and farmer and foreman Forsberg at Sandsberg. There is also a self-portrait in the collection.

Carl donated these paintings to the Sundborn parish municipal committee in 1916. The collecion is currently owned by Falun municipality.

In these paintings Carl Larsson demonstrates his talent for portraiture, making it easier for us to imagine what these old ”villagers” were like.