The Bridge

Carl Larsson ”The Bridge”, watercolour 1897

The couple in the carriage are Carl Larsson’s parents. His mother and father, who were then 75 years old, have just moved from Stockholm to Kartbacken Cottage in Sundborn, which Carl Larsson had bought for them. The driver, Johan, is managing the Larsson’s farm Spadarvet, which is where the pig is heading.

This is the main road between Falun and Gävle until 1722. The bridge is swept away in 1755 and in 1906 the bridge is partly damaged. From the mid-1940s it is in such poor condition that it has to be closed for
motor traffic until a new concrete bridge is built in 1949.

The name Sundborn comes from olden times when most transport went via the waterways. Boats and cargo had to be carried (born) along the strait (Sund) – hence the name Sundborn.

The Bridge’s history

Bron rasadThe old wooden brige we see on the paining was dramatically destroyed in a flood 1755 and was later replaced by another wooden bridge that was damaged 1906 (se picture above). This new bridge stood until 1949, when it was replaced by the concrete bridge you see today.

When the new bridge was built, the old wooden brige had been in a bad shape for a long time. Actually it had been suspended for car traffic since the mid 40:s.

The wooden bridge in Sundborn 1940, westwards – Photo: Trafikverket
The new and the old Sundborn bridge together 1949 – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening
The saw mill north west of the bridge with Toftes farm in the background – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening