The manure pile

Carl Larsson – ”The manure pile”, watercolour 1905

Carl Larsson writes: ”The farmer’s treasure trove… Certainly we look after the dung heap, but perhaps not enough. The sun and the wind are two manure thieves, and it is in order to keep them out, that Elfström is putting up a high plank even on this side. The rain is also a destroyer of dung, which is why down south they put up a roof over it. But we don’t need to do that, as we have plenty of peat. We cover it with that and it protects it from the sun’s warm kisses and the rain’s sour tears. Now the manure can
rot in its asphalt bed to its heart’s content.

The barn and the dungheap are gone, but the long garage roof along the stream and the roof top of Maskinistgården sticking up in the background, are still there today.