Breakfast in the open

Carl Larsson ”Breakfast in the open”, oil 1910–1913

Bullerholmen, due south of Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn, is where breakfas is being served. Everything needed for a festive breakfast has been conveyed from Lilla Hyttnäs in a rowing boat.
The daughter Lisbeth is standing furthest to the left. She and her little brother Esbjörn, in a blue-striped shirt, seem to be listening to blind Brita, from Boda, and anold Laplander, who is plucking his fiddle.

Blind Brita’s mother, Kersti Kvarnberg, usually called ”Mother Kersti”, is making her way to the table with the help of her two walking sticks. The daughter Kersti is raining flowers on her lanky brother Pontus.

At the table, Suzanne is wearing a large hat, while Brita is bareheaded with plaited hair. With the dog Kicki at her heels the maid, Martina, is unpacking the last of the delicacies from the basket.

Carl Larsson, A nice swimming place, water colour 1896 – Also this is from Bullerholmen, with the Carl Larsson home in the background.