Stora Hyttnäs – Garden

Stora Hyttnäs and Sundborn, map from 1702 – Photo: Lantmäteriet Historiska kartor

The story of Stora Hyttnäs garden goes back as far as the 1600s. At that time it was a rich master miner´s estate with a large orchard, hop garden, vegetable patch and herb garden. Today, there is still a 350-year-old apple tree from the former orchard. It is called Hyttnäs Old Man Apple tree as it produces apples that are so soft that even toothless old men can eat them.

In the late 1800s Henrika Linderdahl turned the garden into an ornamental garden in the so-called German style. She created softly meandering walkways and round fl ower beds, all according to
a transparent symmetry. Henrika’s son Bengt later planted a large number of rare plants in the garden, including plants from Siberia.

The well-preserved garden’s character will be maintained for posterity. A management plan describes how the annual maintenance is to be carried out.