Map of Sandsberg in 1891, where today’s residential areas are marked; 1 – Bjungnäs, 2 – Sandsberg and 3 – Blomstervägen – Map: Lantmäteriets Historiska kartor

Since the end of the 1950’s, fields, meadows and woodlands north of the original village have given way to the modern residential areas of Blomstervägen, Sandsberg and Bjungnäs that remain close to nature and Toftan beach with safe, scenic walking paths to the schools and shops in the village. These areas originally belonged to Sandsberg farm next to the church where cows grazed freely in the woods and the fields were fenced in.

Farmer Forsberg ran the farm so well, that he was awarded a medal in 1900. He is is one of the exceptional villagers depicted by Carl Larsson in the portrait collection in the parish hall – Why not pay this a visit?

Today, there are still relatives to the farmer Forsberg, living at the Sandsberg farm.