Carl Larsson – “The log flume”, watercolour 1896

Here Carl Larsson depicts the turbulent Sundborn River and the magnificent log flume. After the construction of Sundborn power station 1900-1903, rafting ceased and the landscape changed.

As early as the sixteenth century and thereafter, water from the river was used to drive the mills and sawmills, but above all for the foundries in the extraction of copper from ore that was transported from the mine in Falun. Copper production is a lucrative, but time consuming process in many stages. The number of foundries along the river varied through the ages.

”Otte’s” foundry” was situated at Stora Hyttnäs in 1640. It was used all year round and was owned by five people who all worked there themselves.

The slag that large parts of the village rest on and of which large areas along the village are still visible, is a waste product from the foundries. The copper production in the village, gradually came to a halt in the eighteenth century as extraction methods at the mine became more efficient.