Carl Larsson – ”Father and mother”, watercolour 1901

Carl Larsson painted his father and mother among the flowers around Kartbacken in Sundborn, the house he bought for his parents in 1897. This was possible because of his earnings from his work in the hallway of the National Museum in Stockholm.

A villager growing up here at Kartbacken in the 1940s, relates the following story: The family includes her mother and father, six siblings and a nanny. The house has three rooms, a kitchen and parlour.
They have cows, pigs, chicken and a rabbit. There is a barn, a privy, a magazine and a shed on the grounds. The children plays with Carl Larsson’s grandchildren and sometimes pays a visit to ”aunt” Stina Linderdahl at Stora Hyttnäs.

The old Mission House, further up the hill, was opened in 1889. That is where the children goes to Sunday school.

After the war in 1947 the house is modernized, the veranda is covered, and water, drainage and central heating is installed.

Kartbacken, probably from the beginning of 1900 – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening
Kartbacken 2016 – Foto: Klas Frieberg