The Bonde’s storehouse

”Lisskulla by the storehouse”, watercolour 1915

The girl in Carl Larsson’s painting is Frida Hellberg, the youngest of carpenter Hellberg’s eight children. The name Liskulla is Dalecarlian dialect for a young girl or woman.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century this area is called Målarbackan after the mine manager Hindrik Hindriksson Målare (Painter) who then inherits the property. His grandson Daniel Hindriksson
changes his name to Bonde in 1675. Nils Sahlström, a relative of Bonde’s, donates the property to Sundborn municipality in 1959.

The farmhouse is built in 1750, but the lower part of the storehouse is thought to be from the seventeenth century and is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the village. Bonde’s farm is today managed by Sundborn’s local heritage society.

Carl Larsson painting Lisskulla 1915 – Photo: Carl Larsson-gården photo collection
Bondes farm 2017 – Photo: Klas Frieberg