Boathouse and Stinan

The boat Stinan with the wedding couple Åsa and Patrik – Photo: Helene Lock

This boat house is home to the Sundborn parish church boat, Stinan. Rowing has a long tradition as a means of transport to and from church. These large rowing boats, so-called long boats, were also used to transport animals and hay, etc. Their construction is based on the same northern European building tradition as Viking ships. The golden age of these boats was 1550–1850, when church attendance
was compulsory and the road network was usually inadequate.

Today the church boat is used at festivals and competitions in which different crews compete against each other. Modern church boats are designed for speed which is why hey are smaller and narrower than the original boats. Stinan competes anually against the neighboring villages of Linghed (Skryt’n),
Toftbyn (Toft’n) and Östansjö/Svärdsjö (Östanvind).

The first race is normally on Midsummer’s Day. During the competition, the boats can reach speeds of eleven knots. Each rowing team consists of ten rowers and a helmsman to keep pace and ensure that the boat remains on course.