To church

Carl Larsson – ”Kersti sledging”, watercolour 1901

Carl Larsson wrote in his accounts book: ”1901 Vignette for ”Jultomten” (a magazine): Kersti sleighing 500 kr.

Santa is holding the reins to this Christmas goat-drawn sleigh with CL’s daughter Kersti (then 5 year old) as his passenger. They are on their way posthaste to Sundborn church, which we glimpse in the background
along with the former school to the left.

The sleigh can nowadays be seen at the Carl Larsson museum.

Later on in life, Kersti rides to Falun in the very same sleigh. To everyone’s horror Axel Frieberg, the driver, accidentally manages to overturn the sleigh in the middle of the main square in Falun. Kersti and Axel are married some time later in spite of, or perhaps because of, the accident with the sleigh.