Carl Larsson – “Fishing”, watercolour 1905

Carl Larsson writes: ”It is indescribably awful to get up at 5 o’clock on these drizzly, cold spring mornings – every day! – to leave one’s bed to row over to Bullerholmsviken to empty the nets. The water is icy and cold, horribly cold! During the night, those poor fish have got themselves tangled up in the nets in the most impossible way and it takes an age to get them out. Damn! This is animal cruelty to both the pike and me! Another breeze, the net and I sail over the bay into the birches, among the branches and twigs … You should know that it’s the spring flood now … Damn it! I’m going home. I should mention that it was Johan or the boys who had to take care of the fishing later. But one spring I managed all by myself, and that is a feat I would like to draw the country’s attention to.”