Lake Toftan

Toftan, the name probably comes from the word toft (thwart), the seat in a rowing or sailing boat – Map: Lantmäteriet

Lake Toftan stretches from Toftbyn in the north to Sundborn in the south and is part of a system of lakes and rivers called the Svärdsjö watercourse. The lake has an area of 7.7 square kilometers and lies 120 meters above sea level.

You are now at Vintervägen (the winter road), an old timber supply route for timber, etc., which in the
past continued over the lake once the ice had formed

Today Toftan is used mainly for recreation and offers a great environment both summer and winter.
There are several islands in Toftan, e.g. Bear Island, Kid islets and Storholmen. There are also a lot of skerries and rocks.

It is told of a giantess in Hoberget northeast of Toftan, who gets irritated when she hears church bells ringing for worship. In her anger she hurls a rock at the Church to destroy it, but it falls short of its mark, landing instead in the middle of the lake, where it remains to this day and is known as the Virgin rock.