Sundborn church

Foto: Mats Ingelström

Under the artistic direction of Carl Larsson, in 1905 the church was painted and decorated to spread joy, cosiness and festive atmosphere – Johannes Döparen by Carl Larsson – Photo: Mats Ingelström

Sundborn Church – a life space – a holy place

The world contains many secluded places for contemplation – parks, designated public spaces, churches and “corners” of the home. The common denominator is that they are all oases and living spaces that help us to escape the daily bustle and tune in to a deeper perspective on life.

You could call these places holy places. Especially as many of them lead us to reflection and spirituality. They help us to remain in our inner thoughts for a while. A holy place helps us to be more present by bringing us out of the everyday noise to reflect on our longing, wonder, sadness and joy.

Welcome to the Church.

Make use of your own holy places!

Click HERE to watch a film from the Sundborn church.

The Carl Larsson funeral 1919 – Photo: Carl Larsson-gården photo collection


Carl Larsson – The Sundborn old church, watercolour 1896