A farm

Carl Larsson – “The barn”, watercolour 1905

Carl Larsson writes in his book ”Spadarvet my little farm”:

Oh, come and see my Johanna, I beg you wanderer, stay! I’m embarrassed here… I’m always moved when Krona, Blomma and Docka (the cows) look at me with their big, clear, beautiful eyes: they sigh when they hear the two of us. Just imagine if they understood! They are females after all! … Now Johanna remembers that useless pack of hens who wouldn’t lay and she starts to cry. So it’s not such fun in the barn any more. And that’s why this
chapter isn’t longer. Good!

The picture is from the neighboring farm Spadarvet, but could easily have come from the area around the restaurant Hyttstugan. In Carl Larsson’s days, the restaurant was a magazine along with barn,
outhouses, pigsties and hen house.