Carl Larsson – ”Paradise”, watercolour 1910

This south slope of the village with a view of the fields and meadows was earlier called Kattbacken with farm names like Eden, The garden of Eden and Paradise. Carl and Karin are here sitting on the green grass in Paradise, the pretty little district in Sundborn which came with Kartbacken, the house that Carl
Larsson bought for his parents in 1897.

Carl and Karin often came here when the weather was fine. He to paint and she with some needlework. In the background, down by the river, you can see Lilla Hyttnäs with its green studio roof and all of the outhouses.

In the distance stands the tree-clad Årberget.

The cultural walk in Sundborn, passing tha houses named Eden, Lustgården and Paradiset – Photo: Klas Frieberg