Sundborn power station

The newly built plant in 1905 – Photo: Carl Larsson-gårdens bildarkiv

In 1900, there were considerable increases in electricity consumption in Falun. In 1901 it was decided therefore to build a hydroelectric power plant in Sundborn. The artist Carl Larsson, who lived next to the site, made sketches of the proposed station for the electricity board. The plant went into service in 1903.

At first, production was very uneven but improved when the lake system above Sundborn came under regulation in the 1920s. The power station’s current three turbines and three generators are from 1920–1937 and have a maximum power of 1800 kW. The station is now fully automatic and can be controlled remotely.

The water flow in the river can still vary greatly at times. After heavy rainfall in northeastern Dalarna in July 2000 the water flow in Sundbornsån increased dramatically. Between July 27 and 28 a water flow of 140 cubic meters/sec was measured. Thanks to extensive rescue measures the Carl Larsson home was saved from major damage.

Today there is better information and coordination of water control to reduce the risk of flooding.