Carl Larsson ”The crayfish season opens”, watercolour 1897

Carl Larsson writes: ”On August fifteenth the crayfish season opens. Then it’s as if we are full of new life. All the nets and fishing-rods are ready and when the stroke of midnight sounds I row out, no
matter what weather’s like, and lower the nets in the dead of night into the black water.

Then I sleep until five o’clock when it’s time to waken the older children. And then we haul in the nets as the sun comes up like a big pancake above the tops of the bulrushes.”

The whole family is gathered in the south part of Bullerholmen. Lisbeth is sitting at the table, Karin is making coffee. Kersti is afraid of an escaped crayfish. Pontus, Ulf and Brita are busy with the nets and Suzanne is sitting in the boat.

Bullerholmen is situated just south of the Carl Larsson home. Today there are sheep and a small wooden store house is close to the private swimming place.

The crayfishing site 2017 – Photo: Klas Frieberg