Wooden bottles and Multi Arena

Old wooden flasks from Sundborn – Photo: Lars Ingelström

In the old days miners from Sundborn took their food with them to the mine in Falun. They carried drink in a handmade wooden container with flat sides. When they appeared with their wooden containers the men from Falun used to shout: ”Here comes the wooden bottles!

Wooden bottle” became the moniker for men from Sundborn. Eventually the idea was born of honoring
our ancestors’ hardworking life in the context of sport. For 50 years the village has organized the popular annual Träflasklöpet (wooden bottle race), a cross-country race with several hundred participants, where everyone can join in.

Opposite where this sign is situated, Sundborns GoIF and sports (a gymnastics and sports association) has created a Multi-Arena called “Snickarrinken”, a surface for spontaneous sport consisting of a hockey rink covered with artificial turf where children and adolescents can play football, tennis, basketball and softball and participate in other activities.

In the winter the arena is flooded with water and turned into a skating and hockey rink.