Peace Mile

Cairn that marks the boundary of Peace Mile around the Falun Mine. Here is a slightly damaged mound east of the walkway – Photo: Annika Göransson

Peace Mile (Fredsmilen) reminds us today of the importance of forests for the Falun mine. During the 1700s Falun Mine needed huge quantities of charcoal, firewood and timber for its operation. The forests were therefore of great economic importance.

It is the reason that a circle was marked out in the woods with stone cairns in 1754. The radius of the circle was one ”mile”*, the center point being the mine. The measured and marked circle was called the Peace Mile and marks a zone around Kopparberget where the forest is protected from any logging other than that necessary for the operation of the mine.

In the entrance to the World Heritage House at the Falun Mine is a large mosaic map of the World Heritage area in the floor. The map is confined to the Peace Mile withcopper discs representing the cairns.

*This old ”mile” corresponds to 10.688 meters.

In Sundborn’s parish there are 22 cairns, 10 of which are marked. More information about the Peace Mile can be found on the website (click).

Land surveyor Johan Brandberg’s map from 1752 – Photo: Arkivcentrum