Sundborn church history

Coat of arms. Master miner Christopher Olofsson Gyllenknosters, defender of Sundborns church, emblem in accordance with king Gustav II Adolfs letter 1621.

Basic info

The industrious master miners of the early 1600s saw to it that Sundborn had its own church, the nearest church being in Svärdsjö.

The first church in Sundborn was opened in 1623 and was named the Holy Trinity Chapel. The present
red, cross-formed, wooden church was erected in 1755 on the same spot.

The bell tower, built in 1707, belonged to the original church and has 3 bells whose familiar sounds have become part of the identity of the village. The white building in the north-east is a former funeral

The church, with its walls covered with red beak shingles, tarred roof shingles, granite foundation blocks, expressive doors and window frames – all contributing to the heritage value of the building – is situated at Toftan beach and draws many visitors.

More photos

The funeral chapel at the Sundborn church – Photo: Sundborns församling
The inside of the funeral chapel – Photo: Sundborns Församling