Sundin the tailor’s house

Carl Larsson – ”Brita a cat and a sandwich”, watercolour 1898

This is Carl Larsson’s daughter Brita standing with a sandwich in her hand in front of tailor Sundin’s house in Målarbacksvägen. The house was later moved to its present position, with the short side
facing Målarbacksvägen.

Here is the tailor Sundin family with wife and daughter Lina in the beginning of 1900. Herman Göransson bought the house in 1931 and after that Anders Nyström in 1943. He was working at the Linderdahl farm, situated at the restaurant Hyttstugan of today – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening.
Carl Larsson at the Sundin farm, together with one of the children and the dog Traska – Photo: Carl Larsson-gårdens bildarkiv
The tailor Sundin farm at Målarbacken, before the house was moved – Photo: Sundborns Hembygdsförening