Stora Hyttnäs – A Master miner’s estate

Stora Hyttnäs dining. Linderdahlska Foundation owns, manages and shows the farm with all its original objects – Photo: Jan Gnojek

This is an intact bourgois home from the late 1800s. The estate dates back to the 1500s. In 1654, Johan Otto, an energetic and successful judge from Falun, married Magdalena Johansdotter the wealthy
daughter from Stora Hyttnäs.

On becoming the owner of the estate himself he developed it into a master miner´s estate. He became a master miner at the Sala Silver Mine in 1660, was knighted in 1666 and took the name Silfwerström. He was instrumental in many ways to the development of the village.

The current main building was built in 1840 and a wing was added in 1823. In the late 1890s, Henrika and Pontus Linderdahl altered the main building to its present appearance. Carl and Karin Larsson were their closest neighbors and very good friends of the family.

The Linderdahl children had no heirs and wanted the estate to remain unaltered for the enjoyment of the residents of Sundborn and people all around. Pontus and Henrika´s last child Bengt Linderdahl bequeathed the estate to Sundborn municipality on his death in 1983.