The washing jetty

Carl Larsson – ”Washing jetty on Sundborn River”, watercolour 1917

This summer idyll is painted in August. That it is crayfish season is obvious from the crayfish baskets and traps lying on the washing jetty where a washerwoman is rinsing her washing in the swiftly flowing water. The river is full of logs floating down from Toftan lake and Svärdsjö. They are kept in place by the boom anchored in the middle of the river. On the opposite bank we can see the backs of buildings along the road to Sundborn church where Carl Larsson attended many Sunday services with his family. The
church – situated to the right – is obscured by the white house, ”Rasta”, built in 1912, but now painted yellow.

There is still a jetty in the same spot, but nowadays used for year round bathing by the Sundborn Bathhouse society, established in 1936.