Sundborn Village bathhouse and laundry room

Sundborn’s bathhouse next to Sundbornsån – picture from the early 40:s – Foto: Ture Engkvist

In the 1930s, most residents of Sundborn municipality did not have bath and laundry facilities at home. Therefore, The Sundborn Village Bathhouse Association was formed on July 31, 1936, for the purpose
of ”building a bathhouse in Sundborn village, in the parish of Sundborn, for the provision of sauna baths and other hot tubs for the residents”.

The association was able to build the bathhouse and it was completed in February 1937. A few years later, a laundry association was formed in Sundborn , which in the spring of 1942 asked the bathhouse association to add a laundry room to the bathhouse. That’s how it happened, and the building still has the same design today.

The laundry room, with its modern equipment, was important for the village, especially for the women of Sundborn as, in most families, they were responsible for the family laundry.

The laundry was closed in 1995, but the bathhouse association lives on and continues indefatigably to organize a lovely steam bath every Friday (but not during the summer).