The Carl Larsson home

Carl Larsson – “The cottage”, Watercolour 1894

The artists Carl and Karin Larsson received this property, Lilla Hyttnäs, from Karin’s father in 1888. A small timbered cottage built in 1837 that Carl and Karin transformed into a world famous artist home.

Carl writes that the house is ”insignificant, unattractive and bland”, unlike the neighbouring Stora Hyttnäs. But at the same time he enjoys the indescribable ”seclusion from the world’s noise and alarm” as he describes it – ”it is fitting for an artist”.

As the family grows and Carl’s work requires more space, Lilla Hyttnäs is extended and altered. Carl and Karin are guided by traditional Swedish building culture, but are also influenced by international trends and they wildly mix different styles and artistic expressions.

The result is an original and personal house that breathes creativity and waywardness, and that is almost impossible not to like.

Welcome in!

Carl Larsson – “The cottage”, sketch 1885